Can I do my own repairs?

Yes, but today’s modern. fuel-injected and computer-controlled vehicles present unique challenges to the automotive repair industry. Emission failures generally require a higher degree of expertise and training to diagnose and repair, even for veteran technicians. The typical vehicle owner could experience considerable difficulty finding and repairing the problem(s) responsible for an emissions failure. It is also important to remember that repairs made for model year 1981 and later must be made by a recognized repair technician to qualify towards a waiver. The team at AACCEL specializes in emission diagnosis and repair. If you fail your test, bring your car to AACCEL and we will make sure your vehical passes the test with flying colors.

I maintain my vehicle and it is running fine, so why did I fall the test?

Generally, emission control devices have little Impact on the driveability of a vehicle. Your vehicle may appear to be operating fine but have an emissions system failure. Even the best maintained vehicle might experience these types of failures.

Why can’t the emissions station’s staff tell me what’s wrong with my vehicle?

Station personnel are qualified to test vehicles for emissions compliance. They are not qualified repair technicians, and they are instructed not to diagnose and repair emissions related problems.

Why did my vehicle fail the emissions test?

Your vehicle exceeded the exhaust limits for hydrocarbons and/or carbon monoxide, which indicates a problem with one or more of the vehicle’s emission system components. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless toxic gas and is a by-product of incomplete combustion. Hydrocarbons are unburned fuel vapors. When these and other pollutants are exposed to sunlight, a chemical reaction occurs that produces ground-level ozone (usually called “smog”) which is harmful to our health and environment. Contact AACCEL today and we can help find out the problem.