After my test, do I need to mail anything to the EPA or the Secretary of State?

No, since test results are automatically recorded and transmitted. If your drivers license, license plates or both have been suspended for failure to comply with the vehicle emissions test, it will take approximately 72 hours for the suspension to clear after you pass the test or receive a waiver. Verification that the suspension has been terminated can be obtained by calling the Secretary of State’s office at (217)-785-9439. Please have your drivers license number and vehicle identification number (VIN) ready when you call.

Can I get my car tested even if I forgot my test notice?

Yes, under normal circumstances. However, we recommend that you bring your test notice with you to the test station to allow for the most efficient processing of your vehicle.

Do I have to keep the test notice after my car has been tested?

You may discard your test notice after your vehicle has passed the emissions test or received a waiver for this test cycle.

What if I received a test notice in error?

Please read, then complete and mail the postcard contained in the test notice.

What should I do if my address is incorrect on the test notice?

State law requires that you notify the Secretary of State within 10 days of any change of address. As a convenience, change of address forms are usually available at test stations.Secretary of State Change of Address Form

When can I come in for an emissions test?

We urge you to have your vehicle tested as soon as possible after receiving the test notice. A vehicle can also be tested up to a month early.